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Tips on Using the Right Primer for the Right Surface

Commercial & Industrial
In order to get a smooth, even paint job, it’s often important to apply primer on to the surface before doing any painting. For optimal results, it can be beneficial to use the right primer for each specific surface.

Types of Surfaces

The type of surfaces you may have often dictates the type of primer you would need to use. Some of the materials like bricks or metal may have physical properties that can readily show through the paint. Therefore, it’s usually necessary to first apply special primer made for those types of materials. For example, due to its ability to rust, the best primer for metal typically has ingredients that may prevent corrosion. Wood usually also needs a special primer. Specifically what kind can depend primarily on the type of wood and whether the wood is stained or not.

Problems With Surfaces

If the surfaces you want to paint have stains or other problems, these issues may be noticeable through many layers of paint, thereby potentially making certain areas darker than others. Fortunately, there is a special primer that helps block stains, so the end result can be a smooth and even coating of paint. Some primers may even aid in minimizing odors coming from damaged surfaces. Regardless of the type of surfaces you may want to paint or the issue you may have, there can be the right primer suited for your specific needs. Contact the expert painters at Paul Schubert Painting Inc. to learn more about different types of primers.