Outdated or worn cabinets make your kitchen appear dismal and uninviting. You don’t have the budget to replace them entirely – even basic cabinets cost well over $80 apiece to install – but there are ways you can make your kitchen cabinetry look new and modern.
Here are ways you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets without replacing any of them. Your skilled painting specialist will transform your cabinetry so your entire kitchen is given a new look.

Install New Hardware

Installing new hinges, handles, and knobs modernizes your cabinets by giving them alluring texture and design. The color and size of your cabinets guide you to choosing the right new hardware for your needs. Horizontal brass fixtures are contemporary, while vintage brass hardware with floral or fluid designs give your kitchen a classic appeal.

Glass or crystal knobs add whimsy, while solid black hardware of steel or painted brass gives your kitchen a streamlined appeal. To maintain the allure of your new kitchen cabinet hardware, choose the same style for each drawer and cabinet you’re updating.

Paint or Stain Your Cabinets

Paint your cabinets with fresh, inviting hues to make your kitchen more grand and welcoming. Yellow, turquoise, coral, mint green, or rich navy are popular hues that give your cabinets and drawers new life.

Your painter will paint your cabinets the same hue on the inside as your cabinets’ exteriors, or choose a matching neutral tone (like eggshell white or soft gray) to give your cabinetry greater depth. Two-tone hues are also popular in kitchens and add dimension by incorporating complementary colors with one another on opposite cabinets.

For example, consider painting cabinets on one side of your stove a mint green while painting the cabinetry on the other side a soft yellow or sky blue. Your painter will assist you in choosing matching colors for optimum two-tone effect.

If you don’t wish to paint stained cabinets, consider staining them a dark pewter, rich blue, or a deep red to give them a new appeal. Cabinets will need to be sanded to remove previous stains before applying a new one.

Replace Cabinet Fronts

Flat-fronted, worn, stained, or cracked cabinet faces should be replaced. Your painter will remove old doors and drawer fronts, replacing them with modern designs with engravings, etchings, or glass inserts for a modern appeal.

Cabinet fronts can also be resurfaced with wood veneers or another material that matches your budget best. Cabinet front replacement is as close to total cabinet remodeling as you can get without replacing your cabinetry entirely and is a cost-effective upgrade that allows you to customize the appearance of your kitchen’s cabinets and drawers.

While many of these upgrades appear simple, hire a professional painter with a specialty in kitchen refinishing to do the work for you. Hiring a professional saves you time and money in the long run, and you remain involved in the entire refinishing process from choosing hardware to paint hues.

Refinishing projects are best accomplished when kitchens are not in active use. Before your painter arrives at your home, clear cabinets and drawers and remove appliances from counter spaces so your painter can work comfortably.

Your painter will give you an estimate for refinishing costs. The cost to redesign your kitchen cabinets and drawers is based on the project’s needs, supplies purchased, and how much labor will be involved in the refinishing project.

Give your kitchen a modern appeal by attending to your cabinetry. You can refresh outdated cabinets in many ways without replacing them. Call the experts at Paul Schubert Painting Inc. to discuss your kitchen refinishing ideas today.

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