Easy to accessorize, modern, and sophisticated, the monochrome color palette is in. From brushed-gray wood floors to bright white trim, monochrome creates a stark, clean look with a lot of contrast. If you’re looking to update your home’s interior, you might want to consider the benefits of this new trend. There may be a surprising amount of freedom even within a gray palette. Here’s what you need to know.

Monochrome Goes With Everything

A key to painting in monochrome is to accessorize with other colors. In a monochrome room, fixtures will often be in brass or gold rather than silver. Furniture may be brown, tan, or copper-colored. Natural, dark, and rich woods are particularly attractive when they are offset by white and black.

Adding brightly colored fixtures to a monochrome room will allow the fixtures truly pop. You’ll be able to create a visually interesting space with very little effort. A monochrome room is easy to match and accessorize, as it goes with practically anything. Furthermore, your entire home doesn’t have to be in monochrome. A single accent wall in a monochrome home can be incredibly dramatic.

Monochrome Is Best When Minimal

Since monochrome palettes give fixtures more individual impact and weight, they are often best used in minimalist rooms. A cluttered monochrome room can become overbearing, whereas a minimalist room will feel light and clean.

Minimalism has many advantages. A de-cluttered space often makes it easier to think, making monochrome rooms an excellent choice for offices, reading nooks, and other spaces where you need to concentrate. Minimalist, white rooms also tend to look clean, which can have a relaxing and spa-like effect.

Monochrome Gives Control to the Lines of the Room

When dealing with monochrome, bright whites and dark blacks are going to define the lines of the room. By weighting the room appropriately, you can pull off clever tricks such as making small rooms look larger, or making large rooms feel organized and distinct.

Brighter trim, doors, and window frames can contrast with softer, darker walls; the more contrast you have between your colors, the more interesting and distinct your interior paint can be.

Monochrome is Timeless

Many have embraced monochrome gray as a timeless look that can reside anywhere between contemporary and classic. Though it’s extremely trendy now, it has also been trendy in the past. There are many advantages to choosing a look that isn’t going to become outdated in the near future.

Monochrome Embraces Darkness

Homeowners can be hesitant to use dark, vibrant colors because they worry that it will make their space feel small and oppressive. However, dark colors in a monochrome pattern can be used to create relaxing, cozy spaces. When using darker colors, it’s important to balance it out with the right lighting. In general, the darker you go, the brighter the lighting options need to be.

Monochrome Lets You Get Eclectic

In a monochrome room, everything is tied together by the same color palette. This lets you incorporate different styles, time periods, and cultures in a single space as they won’t appear to be disparate. If your natural decorating instincts tend to be eclectic, you may want to consider the advantages of a common color pattern.

If you love unique patterns and textures, monochrome lets you experiment with a number of different patterns within the same space. Patterned accent walls with paint or wallpaper can create visual interest without adding a new color palette.

Gray palettes do need to be used carefully or they run the risk of creating a home that looks too sterile or too somber, which is where professionals come in. If you’re thinking about decorating your home in monochrome, contact the experts at Paul Schubert Painting Inc..

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