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Your home is an extension of your personal style. A beautiful and welcoming home allows you peace of mind and a comforting space to relax after a long day at work or running errands. Part of ensuring your house is the relaxing oasis you deserve is ensuring it has a gorgeous paint job. Paul Schubert Painting Inc. provides professional and affordable interior painting in San Diego. Our painters are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable in our craft. We only use paint brands that do not have VOCs to ensure your home’s air quality remains healthy and safe. Our professional equipment includes a range of rollers, brushes and sprayers to ensure the most even and precise coat. We never consider our work done until you are 100 percent satisfied.

Choosing Paint Colors

Paul Schubert Painting Inc.’s experts are available to help you with choosing colors for your living space, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. When deciding on paint for your home, it isn’t enough to simply choose colors you like. Lighting is also important. The truest color will show up in natural daylight and is an important consideration in rooms with lots of windows. When it comes to electrical lighting, incandescent bulbs grant warm or yellow tones while fluorescent lighting shows a sharp blue tone. It is also important to understand the terms used:

  • Hue: This refers to the color of the paint.
  • Value: This is how light or dark the color is, such as light blue or navy blue.
  • Saturation: This is how dominant the color is. For example, red is less saturated as the value changes to pink.
  • Intensity: This is how bright or intense the colors are.

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